Dual protection for seed and leaves

Foliarflo-C® provides foliar disease protection in barley and also controls a wide range of diseases in other crops. Great colour, great coverage and ultimately greater protection.

Foliarflo-C is best suited:

  • For the control of bunt, flag smut and loose smut, and for the suppression of seedling stripe rust and speckled leaf blotch of wheat
  • For the control of covered smut, loose smut and powdery mildew, and for the suppression of leaf scald of barley
  • For the control of loose and covered smuts of oats
  • Foliar disease protection is critical, especially during seedling development.

Usage rates

  • 150 g/100 kg, provides up to 12 weeks protection after sowing
  • 100 g/100 kg, provides up to 8 weeks protection after sowing
Crops Targets
Barley Barley leaf scald, covered smut (barley), loose smut (barley), powdery mildew (barley)
Cereals Stored grain insects
Oats Covered smut (oats), loose smut (oats)
Wheat Bunt (wheat), flag smut (wheat), loose smut (wheat), speckled leaf blotch, stripe rust (wheat)
Type Fungicide/insecticide
Active ingredient 150 g/L TRIADIMENOL, 4 g/L CYPERMETHRIN
Formulation Suspension concentrate
Pack size 20 L
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