Rancona Dimension

The power of root protection

Rancona® Dimension brings a new dimension in cereal seed treatments. The registration now includes suppression of crown rot in wheat and barley, as well as suppression of rhizoctonia and control of pythium, smuts and bunt.

The qualities of its micro emulsion formulation provides extremely low dust off at application, easy clean down of machinery and being soft on seed.


  • Low rate of active substance per tonne of seed
  • Excellent seed safety
  • Unique micro-emulsion formulation providing:
    • Ease of application
    • Exceptional seed flow
    • Reduced dust-off
    • Easier clean down of machinery
  • Superior control of smuts and bunt

Disease control

Rancona Dimension is proven to be an outstanding seed treatment for wheat, barley and oats. It combines excellent control of smuts and bunt with impeccable safety to seed emergence and viability. It also provides superior control of pythium and suppression of rhizoctonia and crown rot in wheat and barley.

Crown rot

Crown rot survives in infected plant residues in stubble and infection is caused by plants coming in contact with infected plant residues. The disease causes stem browning on the crown of the plant and subsequently white heads which leads to loss of crop yield. Major yield losses are associated when disease levels are high moisture stress during grain fill. Rancona Dimension is an integral tool when used in a crown rot management plan, in conjunction with appropriate crop rotations, soil management, sowing method and varieties.


Pythium root rot causes seedlings to develop poorly, becoming stunted with reduced tillers. The root system becomes stunted with few lateral roots, which have a soft yellow to light brown infected patches especially near the tips. The seedlings may also rot and die.

Severe infections may require a paddock to be re-sown, however in less severe infections plants may recover especially where nutrition is adequate, but yield potential may be reduced.


Rhizoctonia bare patch is a disease of cereals that infects the plants roots, rotting the outer sheath of the plants roots resulting in the typical "spear tip" symptoms of the disease. The loss of root mass by rhizoctonia results in reduced uptake of water and nutrients by the plant.

Yield losses are closely related to the incidence of rhizoctonia bare patches in the crop, in these patches losses can range from 5% to well over 50%, although low losses of 0% to 10% can occur outside these patches where crop and plant symptoms are less apparent.

Covered smut/bunt

An extensive independent trial program in cereals has shown that Rancona Dimension provided almost 100% control of covered smut/bunt in all trials conducted. Bunt is common throughout wheat growing areas of the world and is a problem because of its speed of multiplication and direct effect on yield and grain quality. Grain receival points in Australia have nil tolerance for bunted wheat seed, and hence effective seed treatment is a vital tool in preventing devastation from this disease and is essential for minimising yield losses in cereals.

Loose smut in wheat

Loose smut occurs throughout the world and reduces yields proportionate to the incidence of smutted heads. The disease does not cause complete yield loss, however losses as high as 27% have been reported, and more commonly, losses of 15% are recorded. Local field trials in cereals confirm that Rancona Dimension is an effective control mechanism of loose smut under Australian conditions. A superior, systemic seed treatment such as Rancona Dimension is essential for control of loose smut which infects the embryo within the seed.

Flag smut in wheat

Flag smut attacks the leaves and stems of wheat plants. Flag smut is an important disease in cereals as it can reduce yields in some areas by up to 10-15%. Trial results have shown that Rancona Dimension provides consistent and effective control of flag smut in the field.

Crops Targets
Barley Covered smut (barley), crown rot, loose smut (barley), pythium root rot, rhizoctonia root rot
Oats Covered smut (oats), loose smut (oats)
Wheat Bunt (wheat), crown rot, flag smut (wheat), loose smut (wheat), pythium root rot, rhizoctonia root rot
Rancona Dimension
Type Fungicide
Active ingredient 25 g/L IPCONAZOLE, 20 g/L METALAXYL
Formulation Micro-emulsion
Pack size 10 L, 20 L, 100 L
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