Vitavax 200FF

The world's leading seed treatment

The world's leading seed treatment, providing effective control of common seed and seedling diseases in wheat, barley, oats and triticale.

More than 600 field tests around the world have shown average yield increases of around 10%.

Vitavax 200FF features:

  • Disease control above and below the ground.
  • Two active ingredients (carboxin & thiram) that protect against smuts, bunt and early soil-borne diseases affecting plant establishment.
  • Stimulates germination and early seedling growth even under adverse weather conditions.
  • Increases coleoptile length in cereals.
Crops Targets
Barley Covered smut (barley), loose smut (barley), net form of net blotch
Cotton Export requirements
Maize Boil smut, head smut, seed decay, seedling blight complex
Oats Smut (oats)
Sweet corn Boil smut, head smut, seed decay, seedling blight complex
Triticale Flag smut (triticale), loose smut (triticale)
Wheat Bunt (wheat), flag smut (wheat), loose smut (wheat)
Vitavax 200FF
Type Fungicide
Active ingredient 200 g/L CARBOXIN, 200 g/L THIRAM
Formulation Flowable concentrate for seed treatment
Pack size 20 L, 200 L
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